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ILS Visits Rayburn House in D.C.

ILS stopped by the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington D.C. today for the Satellite Industry Association’s (SIA) Congressional Satellite and Industry Technology Demo and Exhibition.

“Satellites deliver communications, broadband, imaging and remote sensing data, television entertainment, navigation and GPS signals plus life-saving critical emergency response voice and data links,” said Tom Stroup, President of SIA.

SIA is a U.S.-based trade association providing representation of the leading satellite operators, service providers, manufacturers, launch services providers, and ground equipment suppliers. For more than two decades, SIA has advocated on behalf of the U.S. satellite industry on policy, regulatory, and legislative issues affecting the satellite business.

ILS at APSAT 2018 in Jakarta

Kevin Reyes, Senior Director, Sales, Asia/Pacific, was a panelist at APSAT 2018 held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from July 3-4. Moderated by Caleb Henry of SpaceNews, Cost Reduction and Small Satellite Support discussed launch services innovations which will provide more affordable prices to customers.

For more than 17 years, APSAT (Asia Pacific Satellite) has played a critical role in determining how satellites will shape the future of telecommunications in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region. The conference welcomes a community of aerospace professionals from every market and field of study in the Asia Pacific region.

APSAT is the 17th ASSI annual international conference series on the satellite communication aspect. ASSI (Asosiasi Satelit Indonesia) or (The Indonesian Satellite Association) is an inclusive non-profit organization based in Bandung and established in 1998.

ILS at IX Meeting on Space Telecommunications

ILS President Kirk Pysher is in Santander, Spain, for the IX Meeting on Space Telecommunications organized by HISPASAT, the Spanish satellite operator. Pysher was part of a launch services panel that discussed new rockets in the industry. More than 70 executives from the aerospace and satellite telecommunications sector talked about the changes experienced in recent years, and the importance of innovation as a generator of new business opportunities.

ILS at Casbaa Satellite Industry Forum 2018

Peter Stier, ILS Vice President of Sales, and Kevin Reyes, Senior Director, Sales Asia/Pacific, are in Singapore for the Casbaa Satellite Industry Forum 2018 which took place on Monday, June 25. The forum brought together a wide range of world-class speakers from the industry to deal with crucial issues in a full day of keynote presentations and panel discussions. ILS is proud to be a sponsor of the forum. Stier was part of a panel called “The Hardware Store – Build ‘em and Launch ‘em,” that discussed changes in the launch industry during the last decade.

Fun Facts About Singapore: Singapore, an island city-state off southern Malaysia, is a global financial center with a tropical climate and multicultural population. Singapore is a hot spot for food lovers and is the home of Michelin-starred chef Malcolm Lee. Lee is the chef-owner of Peranakan restaurant Candlenut. The world’s first Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant, Candlenut takes a contemporary yet authentic approach to traditional Straits-Chinese cuisine. As the first Singaporean recipient of the Miele Guide Scholarship, Lee was granted a place at the At-Sunrice Globalchef Academy, where he was able to explore his Asian culinary roots. A Peranakan, Lee seeks to serve his heritage through a menu of refined tastes and techniques, hence creating Candlenut’s authentic yet innovative Peranakan flavours.

Things to do while in Singapore: /

ILS Donates to Great Cycle Challenge

ILS in the Community: President Kirk Pysher and International Launch Services are proud to donate to the Great Cycle Challenge USA in their fight to Kick Cancer’s Butt this month.

“Thank you so much for your making a donation to support Fighting for Finley in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids’ cancer! Your donation will support life-saving research into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of childhood cancer.”

Great Cycle Challenge started in 2015, and after just 3 years, the event has grown to become one of the biggest cycling events in the United States.

People of all ages, abilities and from every state across the country set themselves a personal riding goal and challenge themselves to pedal throughout June to fight kids’ cancer.

In 3 years, Great Cycle Challenge’s community of riders from all 50 states have ridden a total of 7,516,295 miles, and they have raised $9,219,511 in support of research to develop better treatments and find a cure for childhood cancer.

Why? Because over 15,700 American children are diagnosed with cancer every year, and sadly, 38 children die every week.

Great Cycle Challenge USA is a national Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) fundraising initiative held throughout June.

Coffee and Conversation at Australasia Satellite Forum 2018

The Australasia Satellite Forum (ASF) 2018, which is taking place from May 22-23 in Sydney, Australia, is the Southern Hemisphere’s premier communications satellite industry event.

ILS is proud to be a sponsor at the event – the ILS Barista Cart was a huge hit as there were lines all morning and afternoon to get some coffee!

In between coffee breaks, conference keynotes and networking, Kevin Reyes, ILS Senior Director, Sales for the Asia/Pacific region, was a panelist on the launch vehicle session on May 22. Now in its ninth year, ASF has grown into a global forum for addressing a wide range of satellite-related topics affecting the commercial satellite industry, military and governments.

The launch panelists addressed reliability, cost and availability of launch vehicles in today’s market. With over 417 launches to date, including 96 commercial missions, Reyes said that the Proton vehicle has evolved over time to meet changing spacecraft mass characteristic for dedicated, dual, multi-launch, and rideshare missions.

Reyes, a veteran of the space industry, having worked on the satellite and launch side of the business, joined ILS in 2016.

Space industry leaders heard from keynote speakers Rose Vivian, Department of Defense of Australia, and Bridget McKenzie, Regional Communications Minister of Australia.

ILS at Satellite 2018

It was a busy but exciting time for ILS during SATELLITE 2018, which took place from March 12-15 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. ILS was active the entire week meeting customers, participating in panel discussions, meeting with the media, and hosting a rooftop reception at the Hay-Adams and dinner meetings. READ MORE

Proton Medium: Right Sized for Today’s Smaller Satellites and Constellations

Kirk Pysher

ILS and Khrunichev have strategically developed a family of Proton variants that provide the necessary flexibility at an attractive price and you won’t have to settle for used hardware.

Proton Medium is derived from the Proton M by simply removing the third stage of the heritage vehicle and replacing it with an interstage structure, thus maintaining the flight qualified systems while minimizing the need for new ground infrastructure.

Other major providers are introducing brand new vehicles beginning in 2020. Come the 2020-2022 timeframe, the only heritage launch vehicle that will be flying is Proton and that is where commercial operators will find stability, proven reliability, and schedule assurance for their critical programs. Proton is not going anywhere and will remain a force to be reckoned with in the commercial market.