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Proton Medium: Right Sized for Today’s Smaller Satellites and Constellations

Kirk Pysher

ILS and Khrunichev have strategically developed a family of Proton variants that provide the necessary flexibility at an attractive price and you won’t have to settle for used hardware.

Proton Medium is derived from the Proton M by simply removing the third stage of the heritage vehicle and replacing it with an interstage structure, thus maintaining the flight qualified systems while minimizing the need for new ground infrastructure.

Other major providers are introducing brand new vehicles beginning in 2020. Come the 2020-2022 timeframe, the only heritage launch vehicle that will be flying is Proton and that is where commercial operators will find stability, proven reliability, and schedule assurance for their critical programs. Proton is not going anywhere and will remain a force to be reckoned with in the commercial market.

Image with first blog post (in Google drive, showing four side by side images of Proton Medium in Englosh, Russian, with OneWeb logo and without—please use image WITHOUT ONEWEB LOGO)